When it’s Appropriate to Remove a Tree Stump

Tree stump in the ground after tree is cut down

The felling of a tree, accidentally or intentionally, is likely to leave a stump. The stumps are sometimes not only an eyesore but also tend to pose a safety threat. The removal of such stumps is based on a myriad of reasons, thus, before it can be removed, it is necessary that a proper assessment is made.

To avoid incidences of suckering, where new roots may emerge from the trunk, and development of root diseases from the dead stumps, tree stump removal becomes an essential part.

Inspecting and Working Out The Best Options

Assessing a tree stump is a crucial step that allows you to make a choice regarding the most appropriate technique to be utilized. The nature of tree stump should be used to determine the most appropriate way of removing it.

For instance, it might be harder to dig out a stump from a deciduous tree owing to its deep root system.

Stump removal can be done at any time that is deemed appropriate. For the easiest and most convenient way to get rid of a stump is when the tree is being cut down. Besides saving on the cost of doing it at a later time, it allows for effectiveness in case of chemical killing of stumps.

The method of stump removal dictates the appropriate time of its removal. Ideally, opting for tree and stump removal at the same time is the best option. However, sometimes that is not possible.

If you wish to remove it using chemical application, the application has to be made immediately after the tree is cut. Autumn and winter are the most appropriate seasons in which stump killing can be made using chemicals. The reason being that the spring and the summer are best known for sap rising where sap rising is a process that inhibits the effectiveness of most chemical stump killers.

Common Mistakes

Tree Stump Burning gone wrong

One of the most common mistakes people make when removing stumps is that they opt to burn them in situ. This is an inappropriate way of doing it since most of them are usually too wet for effective removal. The problem is by all means timing, since burning works but only in summer, when the stump is all dried up. Ideally, the most appropriate time of removing a tree stump is based on the method that is being used to remove it, and the convenience required. The best, the easiest and the most affordable way of removing a stump is immediately when a tree has been felled to avoid any inconveniences.

Deciding the right course of action

The reason behind the removal of a stump is, however, the best shot at deciding the right time to remove a stump. Stumps are hazardous in that, children run the risk of tripping on them. In such a case, appropriate timing takes a back seat, and the need for removal takes precedence. It is advisable to use specialists for stump removal to ensure that the job is effectively accomplished. Conclusively, stump removal can be accomplished using various techniques depending on the urgency, convenience and most importantly costs. Using chemicals to kill stumps may be effective, but there is always the chance of injuring other plants in the vicinity. Assessing a tree stump is crucial in determining the most appropriate method of its removal and more importantly the time suitability for the actions.

Consider Bobcat Hire for Your Backyard Excavation Project

John Deere Bobcat with Excavation Attachment on front

Even in residential settings, there are excavation and construction projects that are necessary in order to prepare a job site before the real work can begin. In such circumstances, contractors prefer to make use of heavy equipment to get the job done quickly. However, conventional heavy equipment isn’t always the best option. There may be limited space for the equipment, and the depth to be dug may not be that deep.

What’s more, there are times during a project when a contract needs to go beyond the task of merely shifting debris and dirt from one place to the next. It is these sorts of instances when Bobcat hire has its advantages.

To Buy or Hire Earth Digging Equipment?

Should you buy earth digging equipment for your backyard excavation or opt for Bobcat hire? Many contractors usually recommend the first option. If you have the right equipment at hand, you will have the necessary resources to do the task quickly and easily. However, there are a lot of things to consider when buying earth moving equipment such as a Bobcat. These include additional expenses, such as storage, transportation costs, and maintenance costs.

It is for these three reasons, in particular, that Bobcat hire for your digging and excavation jobs is a more convenient and cost-effective way to go, particularly for homeowners. It is important to note that companies that hire out Bobcats offer a variety of accessories and attachments that will help boost the functionality of the equipment.

The Benefits of Hiring a Bobcat

Tipping truck with excavation exquipment on the rear

  1. Save Money

Hiring earth digging and excavation equipment will eliminate the need to spend a fortune towards the transportation and storage of a large machine. The material can be delivered to the site, and once the work is done, it is returned to its storage facility.

  1. The Break-In Period

To ensure that all the components on any piece of heavy machinery are functional, it is critical that the machine is subject to a break-in period. When you opt for Bobcat hire, you don’t have to worry about this step as the rental company will have already broken in the machinery. This also means the Bobcat that you lease has been primed for you and you don’t need to subject it to trial runs and tests.

  1. No Need to Worry About Storage

When you lease a Bobcat for backyard excavation, you don’t have to worry about having somewhere to store it long-term. You don’t require a larger construction space and you don’t need to rent a storage unit – you simply return the Bobcat to the company you leased it from.

Hiring a Bobcat means you can enjoy the versatility of the equipment without worrying about the associated hassles, such as transportation, storage, and maintenance costs. You can simply hire a Bobcat for the period you need it for and return it once you are done. For residential excavation jobs, this is definitely the way to go!


If you you decide to hire and maneuver your own bobcat, the video below details the best safety measures to adhere to while using a bobcat, or even being in the area while the equipment is in operation.

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Renovations Within A Budget


So, you might be thinking that your house or apartment is a little bit bland and would need a renovation. Every household could use a little bit of improvement. After all, a real improvement with a little bit of repair will make your home more comfortable, and it will make the residence as a whole happier. I mean, look at a tidy house as compared to an unmaintained one, the neat house always seems to have more satisfied residents. However, before deciding on what to do, there a few things that you should consider.

Decide on what you want to do.

First, think of things that you want to do. Some might tell you to consider the budget first, but I do not advice that kind of thinking. If you work around your budget, you might have to settle on designs choices that are not your preferences in the first place, and your satisfaction won’t be that high. Maybe you want that mini library in your living room, list down what you want but keep the options small.

Decide on a way to implement your idea.Renovation

This part will be the hardest out of all the step listed here. Experts like interior designer took years and a lot of credentials to be efficient on this part but don’t fret, if you want that mini library, you just have to be a little bit creative. Try to find a couch that you could use for your collection of books and use it for your furniture with it. Since you don’t have to spend a sum of money for a separate couch, you’ll save money for it. You can search the internet for ideas of furniture that could save precious spaces for your small room. Pinterest is a good example for this. Bunk beds, a cabinet that functions as a kitchen counter, these multipurpose types of furniture will save you money that you could use to materialize those renovation ideas you want to do. Just list them down.

Work with the local furniture makers.

Once you have a list of types of furniture that you’ll need, those multi-purpose pieces of furniture, start talking to a know good local furniture makers. You can always get a better price as compared to buying them online. They might not be able to create an identical piece most of the time, but if they are good enough, they will create furniture that you can use. Always help out and provide important details, like the height of the table you need, etc.


Talk to a few renovation experts or company around.

If you have enough experience with wood works, paint and other things that your planned renovation would require, great! Start working on it. But if you are not that confident, your best option is to talk to a few experts, give them out your plan, every detail and ask how much it cost you. You don’t have to choose the cheapest always, but choose the expert that you are more comfortable with. If they are an expert, they can quickly make you more comfortable just by giving out their insights regarding your plan.

If you would like to know more about outside renovations and hiring the right equipment, check out me post about bobcat hire and excavation.

This article aims to help you out in starting your renovation project; if not yet, I wished that it could be of more assistance to you in the future once you decided to do so. Thank you for reading, have a good day!