10 Cool Uses You Can Give a Self-Storage Unit

The self-storage sector is gradually boosting its popularity and profitability due to the convenience and affordability of the solutions that it provides to both businesses and residential clients.

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Instead of seeing a self-storage unit as a corner where you could stash some of your personal belongings, try to figure out how your rented space could give wings to a great variety of personal projects that could give you a lot of satisfaction in the long run. Here are 10 of the most creative uses of self-storage units as provided by storage unit providers.

      1. Art Studio. By transforming a basic unit using shelving and racking, you could turn your rented room into an original art studio filled with beautiful masterpieces that could attract deep-pocketed collectors and potential buyers.
      2. Private Investigations. If you think that you have the skills and talent of a true detective, you could offer your services as a private investigator. Use your storage unit to deposit old records and the supplies and equipment that you may need to get in touch with your clients, file evidence, and conduct professional, thorough investigations.
      3. Remote Workshop. Many people have lifelong hobbies that could supplement their incomes. If you have a passion for woodworking, ammo reloading or pottery, consider putting this hobby to good use to make money. Set up your workshop inside a self-storage unit and invest a couple of hours a day in your income-boosting leisure pursuits.
      4. Warehouse for Boutique Business. In case you want to launch your own clothing line or plan to sell some of the most expensive pieces that are occupying space in your walk-in-closet, think about ways in which you could personalize bare self-storage space to create the most inspiring layout for a successful boutique business.
      5. A Place to Hide Christmas Presents. In case you’re looking for a nice, clean, dry spot where you could stash unwanted gifts until it’s safe to upload them on different sites or part ways with them during a garage sale, choose to spend a small amount of money on self-storage in Camel back to implement the simplest solution to your problem.
      6. Personal Gym. If you want to create the most stimulating environment for a great workout, rent self-storage space in your city and turn a unit into a fitness center by buying and adding pre-owned gym equipment. Your friends will love your original idea and will most likely support it, by embracing the same workout routine and spreading the word about your new initiative.
      7. Private Photography Studio. Did you know that a great home studio setup is not difficult to achieve? As a matter of fact, you just need a few elements to get started: a good backdrop, the main light and the hair light, a camera, a reflector, and of course, one or more models for your projects. A self-storage unit can accommodate all these essentials, allowing you to start your successful career as a photographer.
      8. Storage for Valuables. If you don’t feel comfortable storing expensive jewellery inside your home, pack your valuables and ship them to a local self-storage facility that has implemented advanced security solutions, such as electronic gate access, individual alarms, and non-stop video surveillance to offer a superior protection against theft and property damages.
      9. Remote Living Room. Do you ever feel the need to remodel one section of your home to turn it into a relaxing environment where you could spend quality time with your friends, watch TV, and enjoy your favourite snacks? In this case, a modern, well-appointed man cave or lady den could be just the thing for you. Start building it today, by renting and customizing cheap self-storage.
      10. Craft Room. Maybe you like to spend hours and hours making your own jewellery, or creating fun, unique art for your home, or toys that your kids will love to play with. If so, don’t hesitate to rent a unit and create a stimulating, vibrant craft room that will stimulate your creativity and offer you the space and storage solutions that you need to stay organized while working on your projects.

Here is a related video that expands on more alternative uses for storage units.

Use the versatile extra space put at your disposal in countless different ways to discover new skills, hobbies, and talents and make money doing what you really love.

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