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AboutUsKintsugiKintsugi, a Japanese word which means to repair with gold is an act of fixing broken pottery using gold. This has always been fascinating for me, it shows that, in this world, nothing last forever and there will be a time that something will be broken, but, in some situation, if it will be repaired properly, it will be better than it was in the first place.

This is how Wooly Bully started, seeing something pretty without the proper maintenance will be distorted someday, though I know that preventing it in the first place is better, sometimes, you definitely need that repair or renovation. This site will talk about maintenance of course, but that won’t be the focus of this page, it will be more about renovation. And by the way, renovations are not just for broken houses, sometimes, you just wanna get new feel of your place, maybe you got bored with that white wall of your dining room, we are here to help you out. You could say that we do make up, only more lasting.

Wooly Bully’s philosophy is simple, provide renovation ideas, help out people that can’t afford costly renovation experts and create a web society that will someday be a standard and will be the trusted name when it comes to renovation not just in Melbourne but in all of Australia.

Edward SkinnerEdward Skinner here providing you welcome to our page.

Feel free to look around and enjoy your stay.

If you are an establishment that want to be featured in our page, please use the contact page so that we could assist you, there is no fee, we just want you to be part of our future community.

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