How to Use Liquid Limestone for Interior Design Purposes

New Pool Deck made from poured limestone

Liquid limestone is relatively new but is becoming more and more popular each day. If you’ve heard of it, you may be wondering how you can use it for your own interior design purposes. Made up of concrete, crushed limestone, and other additives, it is commonly used in the construction of patios, pool surrounds, pathways, and driveways. The limestone material is crushed, mixed, and then poured on site with additional textures and designs. However, it can also be used indoors as a natural paving product and can even be polished to achieve any desired look or feel. This new and growing trend can help to make your home stand out, whether you choose to use poured liquid limestone indoors or out!

Why Choose Limestone for Your Design Needs?

Relay Driveway with Limestone FinishLimestone is a stylish and modern alternative to concrete, brick, and stone paving. It’s excellent for improving your indoor flooring needs, and your project can be completed in no time at all. Often times, limestone can be poured on one day and finished during the following day. Finishing typically includes applying the pattern, high pressure cleaning, and sealing. One of the best things about limestone is that it requires very little time and effort on your part.

Limestone is an excellent option for creating your dream alfresco area, or indoor pool or spa. The benefits are endless! In addition to being cost-effective, strong, durable, and modern, limestone provides a non-slip grip, is cool to walk on, and requires no maintenance on your part.

Enhance the Look and Feel of Your Home

Imagine guests entering your home and seeing your brand new limestone staircase staring right back at them. Limestone stairs are absolutely beautiful, but are also durable and maintenance-free. Whatever staircase shape you are looking to create, whether it’s straight or curved, limestone could be the perfect addition to your home.

Limestone is an excellent addition to your indoor flooring and tile designs, and can be customized to the shade and color of your choice. Your entryway, bathroom, or patio will shine when you add limestone to it.

Kids playing on patio area laid with liquid limestone

Increase Your Home’s Value

Another great benefit of using limestone is its ability to increase your home’s value. The cost of installing limestone is low compared to the long-term benefits of it. You will spend less money up front but will actually increase your home’s value while giving your home a modern upgrade. Whether or not you plan to sell your home in the near future, limestone will be a great selling point if and when you do!

Liquid limestone is a natural and elegant alternative to traditional concrete or brick paving. Limestone is durable, cost-effective, long-lasting, and stylish, so why not give it a try? Your guests will be so impressed that you used liquid limestone for your interior design purposes to create the perfect staircase, spa, flooring, garden, pool, patio, driveway, or any other area! Increase the overall look, feel, and value of your home when you upgrade to limestone.

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